KUNZTEN is a multi-channel creative content platform that showcases up-and-coming artists in the art and fashion scenes; expressing themselves through various mediums and shaping our idea of contemporary culture. We offer a place for innovation and inspiration. Therefore, we use our Berlin studio as a research and collaboration center where we rethink contemporary culture in a digitalized world. We try to re-examine each established process from both the artist’s and the consumer’s point of view.


„We have initiated the KUNZTEN project to research how the art branch works in an online environment; in this turn we want to offer emerging artists and creative minds a framework for an online presence. We are passionate about rethinking interactions between the different parties in the art world, and exploring innovative approaches to digitalize them.“
– Max Hyrde

KUNZTEN is diverse, innovative, transparent, educational and sustainable.

KUNZTEN stands for passion and quality.



KUNZTEN for users

In our online magazine, we dive deep into the vision and working methods of young, contemporary artists. We are fascinated by where the artists get their inspiration from and how they approach and explore new works. For this reason, we put a special emphasis on the illustration with exhibition views, reproductions as well as deep insights into artists’ studios – the centers of the artists’ work. For us, the most exciting thing about the new generation of artists is precisely this huge range of conceptual backgrounds and approaches to their work.

You can explore the creative content in our online magazine or online art exhibitions. We also offer an online shop with selected high-quality products. For more information, see the FAQ.

KUNZTEN for artists

We host an online magazine, shop and online gallery as well as several social media channels, to publish and showcase young art and fashion. We want to create an environment where we can recreate and evolve new ways of interaction between artists and consumers in the art realm, which is becoming more and more digitalized.

We are always open to collaborate, please send us your portfolio to submissions@kunzten.de. Online art exhibitions, artist interviews and online store releases are among the main approaches we are currently pursuing. Please follow our submissions guideline. For more information, see the FAQ. If you want to discuss any further ideas or would like to realize a project with us, do not hesitate to contact us.